iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]
iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]
iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]
iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]
iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]
iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]
iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]

iN Crossbody Lanyard + Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]

定價 1,480 TWD
單價  每 

iN Crossbody Lanyard+Strap Adapter [Dragon blood]

ID-I-ZCDB 龍血紅 [限量]

INCODER iN Crossbody Lanyard 2024年限定色,作為Y2K時代後的第二個龍年,我們又重新迎來了一次千禧風潮。手機掛在身上、閃亮吊飾配件充滿全身,大家將24年前繽紛的流行文化重新以現代方式演繹,儘管INCODER以黑色作為信仰色,也被感染到了這來自多年前的絢爛氣氛。


INCODER iN system
iN system LOGO
「Nynodal™ 可結合各種 iN system 升級扣件,放上自己選擇的元素,組裝成想要的樣子。」
以INCODER的 i 作為系列 logo,N 代表為自行開發的珠繩 Nynodal™,用繩索織帶中最重要的轉接扣具作為第一波系統配件的開端,且以強韌的不鏽鋼與獨家電鍍技術,建構出屬於 iN System 的骨骼,專屬於INCODER尼龍珠繩的配飾系統,iN system就此誕生。
iN system擁有多功能性和個性化設置,可結合各種升級扣件,放上自己選擇的元素,只要您擁有任何一項含有Nynodal™的商品,便能組裝成您想要的樣子,讓你的 Nynodal™配件不斷升級,未來也將陸續產出更多升級組件與聯名合作企劃,探索iN system的無限可能性。

主體顏色: 龍血紅
金屬件顏色: 鋼鐵灰
材質: 尼龍、鋅合金、不鏽鋼、TPU
重量: 105g
長度: 157cm 62 inches


└ iN system 升級扣件通用
└ 2.0版本 Nynodal™ 尼龍珠繩
└ 自行開發iN系列金屬扣具
└ 可調節設計
└ 內附手機掛繩夾片


3.由於製造公差,所有Nynodal 珠繩產品或會有±3cm偏差。




INCODER iN Crossbody Lanyard 2024 Limited Edition Color, as the second Year of the Dragon after the Y2K era, we are once again embracing a resurgence of the millennium trend. Phones hanging on bodies, sparkling accessories adorning the entire outfit—everyone is reinterpreting the vibrant pop culture of 24 years ago in a modern way. Despite INCODER's dedication to black as its signature color, it has been influenced by the dazzling atmosphere from years ago.

Just as the dragon symbolizes continuous vitality in Eastern culture, popular culture reappears in cycles of approximately twenty years, undergoing a rebirth like changing blood. While we may experience a sense of déjà vu from our youth, everyone has now undergone a profound transformation and growth.


INCODER iN system

iN system LOGO

「Nynodal™ is compatible with various iN system clips. Put on elements of your choice and make it your style. 」
The series logo was composed of “I” from INCODER, and the N stands for Nynodal™, a self-developed beaded rope. The first line of system accessories started with the most crucial lanyard adapter. The solid stainless steel and original electroplating technology were used to construct the base of the iN System, an exclusive accessory system for INCODER's nylon beaded ropes. The iN system was therefore established.

The iN system is versatile and can be customized with various add-on clips and elements of your choice. Once you have any item from Nynodal™, you can build it the way you like and keep upgrading your Nynodal™ accessories. In the future, we will introduce more components and joint projects to explore the infinite possibilities of the iN system.

Lanyard Color: Dragon blood red
Hardware color: Steel gray
Material: Nylon, zinc alloy, stainless steel, TPU
Weight: 105g
Length: 157cm (62 inches)

└ iN system add-on universal clip
└ Version 2.0 Nynodal™ nylon bead rope
└ In-house developed iN series metal clips
└ Adjustable design
└ Strap adapter included


1.This lanyard is for daily wear, the product may damage due to user habits, or environmental conditions, therefore we cannot guarantee the product will not be damaged under any circumstances.
2. This lanyard contains metal accessories, please keep children away to avoid accidental intake.
3. All Nynodal beaded products may have a variance of ±3cm caused by manufacturing tolerances.
4. INCODER is not responsible for any damage to any parts of your body, clothes, smartphone, data, etc., or any damage caused by improper use, accident, or negligence. When using this product, please handle it with care at your own risk.