In 1946, a literal bug—a moth—found its way into the hardware of an early electromechanical computer named Harvard Mark II, causing some malfunction. The team coined the term "bug" to mean an error or a glitch in programming ever since.

INCODER misleading

Human creations indeterminably are derivative of nature. As information rapidly expand, rumination for a perfect utopia increases. Collisions in codes are regarded as mistakes—detected, picked out and destroyed. Like a rice worm in a pile of rice—though are natural—it cannot exist being outside of what is expected.

“If you say to me that this is utopia, I invite you to express clearly why that is” Bertolt Brecht

Countless beauty came from so called mistakes. May I mimic your form as an addition layer. May I notice details from your glance. My flesh crawled with bugs and damaged. At times eerie and at times outrageous. How tempting is this immaculate and intricate web of errors.